60ml Bundle

Receive 10 of each bottle from the whole Just Peachy, Caffe Infuso and Bowl & Spoon e-liquid ranges with FREE nicotine shots!

Bundle Includes:

  • 10 x Just Peachy: Who doesn't love milkshakes? Just Peachy presents a creamy mix of fresh peaches into a vanilla milkshake.
  • 10 x Vanilla Latte: Classic French vanilla, mixed with rich espresso and creamy milk…
  • 10 x Hazelnut Latte: A warm milky latte finished off with a moreish & nutty hazelnut syrup!
  • 10 x Espresso & Cream: The quintessential classic, fresh espresso with a dash of cream for a sweet finish!
  • 10 x Coffee Dunked Doughnut: Sweetly glazed doughnuts dunked in fresh coffee! The perfect wake-up call…
  • 10 x Fruity Loops: The most famous cereal of them all. Fruity cereal loops with sweet milk!
  • 10 x Cookie Crisp: Crispy bites of chocolate chip cookies with a splash of milk!
  • 10 x Honey Nut Flakes: Golden flakes drenched in sweet honey with a helping of nuts. Finished off with a brown sugar dusting and a touch of creamy milk!
  • 10 x Hazelnut Crave: An irresistible breakfast treat! Crunchy pillows, filled with a deliciously smooth chocolate hazelnut filling...
  • 10 x Frosted Flakes: Cereal flakes drenched in milk with an added sweet crunch...
  • Nicotine Shots: 100 x 18mg Headshot Nicotine Shots.

Each bottle is a 50/60ml bottle - compatible with 1 x 18mg Headshots Nicotine Shots to make 3mg strength.


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