Aspire Nautilus Replacement Tank with Hollowed Out Sleeve

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If you're not looking only to protect your Aspire Nautilus tank but to also make it the talk of your vaper circle, get this Nautilus hollow sleeve! This protective sleeve is made from stainless steel and has a Pyrex glass tubing on the inside, which allows you to vape on any vape juice without the fear of damaging it, regardless of the acidity.

The sleeve is patterned and crisscrossed with stainless steel bands which allow you to see through and judge how much vape juice is left inside. To make the change, simply remove the original and screw on the Aspire Nautilus hollowed out sleeve. Then attach the top cap and you're done! This sleeve leaves you with the original, 5ml vape juice capacity. You can get this sleeve at an amazing price right here and never worry about those accidental bumps and falls breaking your tank.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tubing
  • Compatible with Aspire Nautilus Tank
  • 5ml capacity
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